Silicone Tape

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Silicone Tape, Silicone sealant repair tape for pipes, electrical, plumbing and tool repairs. Self-adhering multi-purpose tape Resistant to heat, cold, friction and UV rays. By self-fusing, it creates a permanent bond without the use of a sticky adhesive. Temperature resistance from -62 ° C to 260 ° C.




– Can be used on all parts of the body even in clothes Designed so that the silicone sheet on the other side does not stick to clothes does not cause hair to fall out
– Good adhesion to the skin due to the silicone gel that helps in adhesion. The top is coated with waterproof PU film.
– Flexible, easy to peel off, not hurt
– can be used until the stickiness is reduced until it can no longer be closed
– Radiant, blends with the skin
– Can be used by both children and adults people with sensitive skin